About Us

About Brown Girl Apothecary
My name is Nachelle (Chelle) Brown and I am the owner and creator of Brown Girl Apothecary. I grew up in Oklahoma City and now reside in Lawton, Oklahoma with my 6 children (the five beautiful brown girls in my logo) and my better half.
Brown Girl Apothecary was something that my ancestors put into my heart 2 years ago but I didn't feel that I was ready to take it on. Making oils and herbal medicines have always come naturally to me and now I want to share my healing gift with the world !
Brown Girl Apothecary Mission
Our goal at Brown Girl Apothecary is to continue to open our people up to who we really are and get back to our roots in African Spirituality and our history. No longer hiding or operating in oppressive behavior. We are Goddesses, our ancestors would be proud of us.
Brown Girl Sunflower